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"Good quality, first-class after-sales service" is the company's consistently adherent market style, in production, we firmly put the quality, and strengthen supervision and quality inspection efforts, and strive to eliminate every bad problem in the bud, and not make a secondary flow to the market. In addition, in order to better protect the interests of the users, and to make the users of the products of the unit with the ease, worry, rest assured, our company to make the following after-sales service commitment:

First: technical training: in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, our company is responsible for the on-site guidance and installation of the commissioning work, and the technical personnel on site training to the client's proficient master.

Second: provide users with technical consultation, technical training and product related questions without compensation.

Third: Warranty: the electrical part is guaranteed for three months, the mechanical part is guaranteed for one year, and the equipment damaged by human or demand equipment is not within the scope of warranty, life-long maintenance and maintenance. After the warranty period, the company receives the cost and basic cost of components and accessories.

Fourth: after receiving the user information about the quality of the product (call, letter, oral notice), immediately send the after-sales service personnel to the scene to deal with the problem.

Fifth: firmly establish the idea that users are God, all thoughts for users, timely, serious, and credit, so as to ensure customer satisfaction.



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